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How Can A Builder-Integrator Relationship Benefit Your New Construction?

With More Tech in New Builds, Spectrum Technology Integrators Shows You How

How Can A Builder-Integrator Relationship Benefit Your New Construction?

As home builders ramp up building again, technology is a key feature of many of these new homes. Both high- and mid-volume dealers report that production-housing opportunities are back. With so much new construction technology we know it can be overwhelming. The experts at Spectrum Technology Integrators are here to help, whether you live in Dade or Broward counties.

Even with the boom years behind us, editors at CE Pro say more attention is being paid to outfitting homes with technology solutions. Some of the more popular solutions include security and surveillance systems, home theaters, whole- home music systems, lighting control, motorized shades, and energy management. Other technologies gaining steam include thermostats that respond to real-time utility rates, voice –activated remote controls, and automated door locks.

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New Construction Pre-Wiring Prepares Your Home Now and for the Future

Integrated Audio and Video Capabilities Help Increase Your Property’s Value

New Construction Pre-Wiring Prepares Your Home Now and for the Future

Before the drywall goes up and the carpet is laid there is a very important installation that takes place; the installation of audio and video capabilities, also known as the pre-wiring stage. It’s the backbone for all things technological in your home. Spectrum Technology Integrators are new construction technology experts from Royal Palm to Broward County. Pre-wiring is done immediately after electrical wiring is installed, and before insulation and drywall is completed. The process takes place before the completion of construction on a remodel or newly built home.

One national industry group suggests that new homeowners budget approximately one percent of their new homes value to wiring infrastructure. While the pre-wire process may not be the most expensive part of the construction process, it is one of the most crucial with regards to technology integration. The experts at Spectrum Technology Integrators can work directly with your builder to design a system that fits your family’s individual needs and takes into consideration available technologies. We’ll coordinate scheduling to ensure that construction deadlines are met.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Wire Your New Construction for the Technology of the Future

South Florida Integration Firm is Your Solution for Protecting and Augmenting Your Investment

3 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Wire Your New Construction for the Technology of the Future

Building a custom home is a great accomplishment and a significant investment. The construction phase of your new home is the best time to plan for the role technology will play in your residence now and in the future.

Spectrum Technology Integrators are licensed, low-voltage technicians that can prepare your home’s infrastructure for today and tomorrow’s smart home technology, audio and video entertainment systems, and monitoring systems.

The team at Spectrum Technology Integrators wants to help ensure your home is prepared for anything, from the newest in Ultra HD technology to inclement South Florida weather. Having the proper infrastructure in your new home will make it easy to upgrade to whatever the future may hold.

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Can Remote Control Shading Make Your Business Cool?

Let Spectrum Technology Integrators count the ways wireless technology elevates your professionalism & productivity

Can Remote Control Shading Make Your Business Cool?

Sunlight can be just as invigorating at work as it is when you let it shine into your home. At the office, however, it can also create glare and overheat spaces and ultimately decrease productivity…not to mention offering a less-than optimal impression for visiting clients. Walking that fine line between healthy natural light and oppressive warmth used to be a difficult challenge. However, new wireless remote options have recently been designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs. And when you work with an established professional technology firm like Spectrum, your office shade systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

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