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New Construction Pre-Wiring Prepares Your Home Now and for the Future

Integrated Audio and Video Capabilities Help Increase Your Property’s Value

New Construction Pre-Wiring Prepares Your Home Now and for the Future

Before the drywall goes up and the carpet is laid there is a very important installation that takes place; the installation of audio and video capabilities, also known as the pre-wiring stage. It’s the backbone for all things technological in your home. Spectrum Technology Integrators are new construction technology experts from Royal Palm to Broward County. Pre-wiring is done immediately after electrical wiring is installed, and before insulation and drywall is completed. The process takes place before the completion of construction on a remodel or newly built home.

One national industry group suggests that new homeowners budget approximately one percent of their new homes value to wiring infrastructure. While the pre-wire process may not be the most expensive part of the construction process, it is one of the most crucial with regards to technology integration. The experts at Spectrum Technology Integrators can work directly with your builder to design a system that fits your family’s individual needs and takes into consideration available technologies. We’ll coordinate scheduling to ensure that construction deadlines are met.

Pre-wiring a home is advantageous

The benefits of pre-wiring are vast and can even increase your property value. You decide where to run the wires and where the wall ports should be located. With a prewired home, you’ll avoid the added expense and inconvenience of disturbing drywall to install the wiring into the core of your home.

As new and more connected technologies emerge, your home will be ready and able to support these technologies. No need to re-wire your home when you add new systems, services, electronics or other devices. Your home will be able to easily accommodate any additional smart phone, tablets, TVs, computers, cameras and other devices you and your family may use. In addition, your home will have a clean, custom look with no visible wires. A pre-wired home is also an attractive selling point and demonstrates that you as the homeowner have kept your property up to date.

Building a new home or undertaking a large remodel project can be stressful. Spectrum Technology Integrators is your new construction technology expert in the Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach areas. Tell us more about your project and how we might be able to help you.